The Purpose   -   Can Alexa voice indicator be more than just reacting people's inquiries? The challenge is, how to leverage the current visual style and use it to differentiate more and more ongoing functions and states in Amazon’s future devices; also make the visual more stunning and obvious, with better readability in 10-foot experience.
Version 1 - Motion Enhanced
I tried to keep it simple and stayed within the current design (just increasing the width for readability). Used more motion to differentiate multiple ongoing functions and states. 
Version 2 - Wave
Inspired by the traditional voice curve, this voice chrome is developed based off the current Alexa interaction, that has very similar ways reacting to people’s voice commands. The same visual/ motion is also brought into a circular container for other usages.
Version 3 - Particle
To embrace the particle based design language, I built this particle voice indicator with the same interaction behaviors. The benefit of particles is that they are dynamic and fluid in motion, and easy to be morphed into shapes. The possibilities of transition could be endless.