Verizon’s Go90 app is a social entertainment platform targeting on millennial demographics, featuring free video content from various partners, and emphasizing on social. As a UX designer of the in-house product team, I was fortunate to join the entire process from ideation to final launch in October 2015, followed with 2 million downloads and average of 30+ mins daily streaming.
By Leveraging the existing branding (from AKQA) , I was able to build visual elements/ patterns for UI. I also made lightweight videos and prototypes to support UX iterations and decision making process.
Deliverables - UX / UI, User flow motion, Content graphics
Go90 is a name of fun and efficiency, which means start playing video by rotating the phone to 90 degree. The consistent spirit is reflected on the UI visuals from the branding.
Feed and Browsing  -  The design provides the opportunities of discovering the most popular shows, people, crews and their shares. I systemized the numerous video content all from different sources, and created UI patterns for each category.
Search  -  Big list of search results is always overwhelming on small screens. The category tabs with sub-pages help users quickly find what they want, in a more organized way.
Cut & Share  -  Go90 is built for social. One special feature in here is to simply cut clips from videos and share them in groups.
Module system
Module system