Fios TV platform allows people directly reach to partnership content like Youtube, Netflix, NFL... through the single uniform UI system, without having to switching between sub-apps. I was in charge of building these features and pitched to / worked with the content partners to regulate the graphic artworks.
- Built design guidelines for content partners (like HBO) providing massive "Fios Ready" content graphics to Fios TV platform.
- Designed and published massive in-house poster artworks for customized Fios content collections.
- Built an After Effects automation workflow for producing thousands of customized game posters from major sport events like NBA, NFL, MLB, March Madness... during real match schedules.
DELIVERABLES   -   UX/ UI design, Content Design, AfterEffects Automation Workflow
I made UX flows and visual mockups of integrating partnership content into Fios. The features and experience is meant to benefit the partners and their followers. The design challenges are: need comprehensive content access across the whole UI; Enough differentiation between providers but consistent with Fios visual system; Partner branding exposure.
Channel page is the most comprehensive place to learn about a channel with schedules and categories. Content page provides rich details about a show / match / event... for users to dive deep. These features provide opportunities of driving browsing and showing off personality for content partners.
Other entry points in Search results and Collections.
Content Graphics   -   By regulating the layout of channel logos and program titles on content tiles, I built the consistent visual style for partner content and maximized their brand exposure. The key was to find the uniform balance between customization and readability for hundreds of partner channels and content.
Episode level graphic tiles are extremely meaningful for sports content, because they provide the competitor level information. Massive curation became the need of the UI process. Once the design was locked on, I built AfterEffects templates to automate the  workflow. In the end I was able to fulfill the requirement with mass graphic tiles production on real game schedules.
Layered poster examples with parallax effects
A breakdown of the content info page, with specifications of title & background graphic needs from partners.
Stunts / Offers Graphics   -   The goal is to build a compelling TV experience by making interesting and customized content topics. As the lead of this project, I worked within ImageDesk and curation teams to produce poster artworks for Collections, Premium Channels, Special Events, and PPV... Here're some of the graphics I made.